My dad is showing some more signs of consciousness today. His eyes move sideways to the sound of voice, and he nodded yes when the nurse asked him if he could hear her. It also seems like he tried to lift his head up and his arm tremored, like he was trying to lift his arm. He has gotten very skinny, and his muscles are very weak. He still cannot move his hands and the rest of his body as of yet. Today, my mom and sister manually closed his eyes and later put an eye cover so that my dad could sleep. He had his eyes open for 3 straight days and nights earlier in the week until we asked that the nurses put an eye cover on his eyes at night.

The nurses mentioned that some of his liver numbers are slowly improving, but it is still a bit of a rollercoaster in regards to the levels right now.

The neuro doctors had earlier reported a possible stroke, or a cut off of blood to my dad’s brain, possibly from the transplant, because he lost so much blood (90 units, a record number doctors said). Earlier in the day, the neuro doctors ordered a MRA (magnetic resonance angiogram) to check on the blood vessels in his body. We have not yet received the report on that. The part of his brain that was affected was scattered areas around the frontal lobe. They said this is the part the controls emotion.

Tomorrow (or Monday 10-12-08), the doctors will be doing the tracheotomy procedure so that the respirator does not damage his vocal cords.
Please continue to pray for my dad, that this will not affect him neurologically, and that he will quickly recover from his transplant with no further complications.