Update on Pros, 10/11:

He was seen by a neurologist last night because Pros has been non-responsive and his eyes are always open. It looks like there is a small damage in his brain which could have been caused by a stroke that might have happened before or during transplant or by a metabollic reaction of his body due to transplant. Neurologist is not sure what the cause of his non-responsiveness is but will have radiologist read the MRI again and he will also confer with his fellow doctors.

Dr. J, one of transplant surgeons, said to wait another 3 days and see how Pros will progress. He is still adjusting to the new organ very slowly since he was very sick. Good news is he now has a feeding tube and his digestive system seems to be taking the liquified food. They are taking it easy with Pros and slowly weaning the “TPN” (w/ food nutrients) that is given to Pros intravenously. Ammonia level is within standard range. No fever. Respirator readings look good. As you know, he will have a 15-minute tracheatomy operation tomorrow so as not to damage his vocal chords.

Pros is so much loved by everyone — Pol, Cristina and I thank you so much for all your prayers and please, please continue to do so.