My dad was a humble and a simple man. Having held a VP position for several Fortune 500 companies; he was successful and had the option to buy nicer things, but instead of being materialistic, he, together with my mom, saved, were often frugal and charitable, helped people, and those less fortunate. He was always focused on helping to improve his hometown of Loreto. He helped build a library there, often donating boxes of books with the aid of McGraw Hill, his former employer, though he never got to see the library in person or visit Loreto due to his health condition.

He was also the former President of the “Loretenos in the USA and Canada” or LUSCAN, a non-profit organization. The organization is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity and serves the communities of Loreto and Tubahon, Dinagat Island, Philippines. LUSCAN built and maintains a public library, partnered two medical missions, donated playground equipment for Loreto’s elementary school children, and donated books to several schools in these communities.