The weekend was quiet and progress slow, though we’ve made some positive steps forward.  A doppler feeding tube was placed through my dad’s nose and inserted all the way into the small intestine.  This required him to be wheeled down to radiology for placement.  After a week of IV administered nutrients in a bag, he can now slowly be given food through the feeding tube where food will now be absorbed by the small intestine.

Muscle atrophy and wasting set in quickly; not even a week in bed and he has already lost practically half his weight.

Muscle Atrophy

Muscle Atrophy

Dad has become more responsive, though extremely weak, is able to nod yes and no.  His right side tremors, his hand involuntarily curled a neurological effect possibly due to his failing liver.  He can barely lift his arm, and has little voluntary control of his limbs.  Poor guy is hooked up to so many things.

Long time nurse friend on behalf of “5/5 nurses” (their circle’s nickname), came by and brought us Christmas decorations to liven up dad’s room.  Our nurse friends are so awesome and been very sweet checking up on dad often.


Dad’s been extubated (ventilator removed)!  Hoping it goes well and that he is able to successfully breath on his own without having to re-intubate him.

For anyone getting up to speed, my dad was in very critical condition about a week ago; pneumonia set in, oxygen not getting to vital organs, and liver, kidneys and lungs started shutting down.  Doctors said things didn’t look good.  Today is a great day.  This is one remarkable step.


Dad off ventilator

He is able to follow commands like squeeze left/right hand, raise head, tilt his feet and cough.  His color getting darker due to high bilirubin from failing liver.

In preparation for being put on the transplant list, he’s been given a CT scan of his abdomen, chest, heart angiogram, and renal utrasound.  One more procedure (colonoscopy) and he should be able to get on the list.