We are back to the ICU in 2016, waiting for my dad’s levels to improve before he can be put on the liver transplant list.

During his first 2 nights, we had quite a scare, lungs, kidneys and liver started to fail.  My dad’s oxygen levels had dropped.  Doctors warned that things did not look good; nothing much said that would let us relax.


My dad was sedated and given a paralytic to help him use the ventilator more efficiently.  He was put on numerous antibiotics, Fluconazole (antifungal), Zosyn, Vancomycin, was given plasma and blood transfusions to help with blood clotting, and on constant dialysis.

Daily his blood pressure, oxygen, and other numbers improved.  On the third day, today, they will try to wean him off the ventilator; he could possibly even wake up.  Update: Oxygen levels are still not stable enough.  Continuing to monitor.

Latest Update: Dad will not be weaned off the ventilator today, but he is off versed and the paralytic drug to help him use the ventilator.  His left lung is weak and he hasn’t woken up.