Kaiser Journal

End of August 2008. We just got back from my mom’s family reunion in Maryland.

Dad goes for checkup to treat acid reflux problem. Is prescribed cipro without any tests being done. (cipro later found to have liver side effects)
Dad feels very sick, is throwing up and cannot sleep.

Dad goes back again for checkup. Cipro asked to be stopped; prescribed Maalox/Mylanta for acid reflux; Benadryl for sleep

Dad is prescribed ant-acid (later found to have liver side effects)

Dad gets second opinion from Loanne Tran; doctor suggests that dad stop medications as they may be causing symptoms dad continues medications as advised by Kaiser

Doctor calls and asks dad to go to urgent care because blood is found in stool; dad waits for 2 hours to be seen
Doctor says that dad has hemroids and prescribes hemroid cream
Dad’s urine is brown and eyes turn yellow

9-6 to 9-8
Dad gets bedrest

Dad goes to Kaiser Lakeview ER as doctor calls because dad’s eyes are yellow
CAT scan given; blood drawn; results are negative
Dad is prescribed bedrest

Dad goes for checkup with Gastro and blood tests; diagnosed with hepatits b; received medicine
Tests were high; doctor called for dad to be brought to Kaiser on Sunset
Dad is admitted to Kaiser ER; blood tests done; sleeping pill given
Advised that dad may need liver transplant

Dad is taken off all medication except for hepatitis meds; prescribed bedrest; still very conscious and eating
More blood tests done; sleeping pill given

prescribed bedrest; still very conscious and eating; sleeping pill given

prescribed bedrest; starting to be a little confused (held toothbrush and was asking for a toothbrush); hand twitching; still conscious at night
sleeping pill stopped
ate beef and vegetables (protein)
catheter for urine; helped nurses put in catheter and was bitten by dad in the process as he was in much pain
Jania (nurse – rude to my dad while in coma)

Dad starting to go into hepatic coma; only answers yes to everything; wont eat or drink; prescribed lactalouse and xifaxan
CAT scan given; results negative
IV started; moved to ICU
told that dad would be moved to (undisclosed hospital) but wasn’t

Dad still in hepatic coma; dialysis prescribed but to be done at (undisclosed hospital)
plasma transfusion administered
dad was restrained; feeding tube put in
told that dad would be moved to (undisclosed hospital) today
semi-conscious around 1pm; responsive after bowel movement; answered “I love you” and new his name and sister and mom’s name
prepped to be transferred to (undisclosed hospital); respirator was installed and dad was sedated with propofol
still not moved to (undisclosed hospital)
10pm: mom pushing for dad to have his dialysis; asked nurse Gene to page doctor Tung

Continue administering propofol, lactalouse and stool softener; respirator still on
Some blood test levels have improved
still waiting for dad to be transferred

At Kaiser still conscious: