The Liver Transplant Ruse


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The naive Reverend Clark DeVall has discovered that there are deceitful and greedy doctors making millions of dollars by manipulating the liver transplant waiting list. These doctors sniff around like hyenas for their next victim. Woe to any who show up with their pockets empty of cash; as Jenny, the Reverend’s daughter had done. She had become the coveted morsel of their prey and had been removed from the elite list to make room for extremely wealthy patients. Clark possessed a deep conviction about God, Scripture, and his own church. As a widowed father to Jenny, his support had no waver in it; there was no haziness about his feelings. However, their lives began to unravel. Jenny’s liver had progressed into the latter stage of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) disease. The only cure: A Liver Transplant. Clark believed that he was releasing Jenny into the safe environment of the Jonas Hockney Hospital. But little things started to bother him. It was as if the entire staff of the liver transplantation department had decided she didn’t warrant a transplant. Soon Clark’s world turned dark. Jenny got sicker and sicker. The environment in the hospital became strange and puzzling to him. Sadly, Clark realized that he may lose his Jenny. Even though Clark believed that Jenny’s soul was in Heaven, he could not come to grips with her death and her absence from his life. He turned to the liquor bottle and drank and drank. As fate would have it, guilt-ridden Dr. Joseph Ramos made a special trip to Clark’s home. Clark was not prepared for the stunning revelations that came from Ramos’ mouth. The once humble and virtuous Reverend Clark DeVall decided to take matters into his own hands. He wanted his revenge. When doctors’ bodies started piling up, Lieutenant Raymond Banks’ solid reputation as the “can do” cop started to crack and his worries grew like the fear of an IRS audit. The stress of the imminent danger to another doctor was ripping his family apart. Saunders creates a suspenseful and entirely credible tale of the liver transplantation arena; its fraud, “behind the scenes” hospital ethics, and two seemingly disconnected lives surging unrelentingly toward one another all linked forever by The Liver Transplant Ruse.

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