The Microbiome Solution: A Radical New Way to Heal Your Body from the Inside Out


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The author of Gutbliss and one of todays preeminent gastroenterologists distills the latest research on the microbiome into a practical program for boosting overall health Michael Pollans widely discussed New York Times article Some of My Best Friends Are Germs was just the tip of the iceberg The microbiome-the collective name for the trillions of bacteria that live in our gut-is todays hottest medical news topic Synthesizing the latest findings Dr Robynne Chutkan explains how the standard Western diet and lifestyle are starving our microbiome depleting the good bugs that keep us healthy and encouraging overgrowth of exactly the wrong type of bacteria The resulting imbalance makes us more prone to disease and obesity and negatively affects our metabolism our hormones our cravings our immunity and even our genes But beyond the science what sets this book apart is Dr Chutkans powerful three-level program for optimizing your gut bacteria for good health Dr Chutkan shares Why hand-sanitiziAvery Publishing Group

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